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Veggie meat and its benefits

Many are the people that have the willingness to reduce meat consumption. The ecological awareness is spreading in society all around the world due to the alarming and unsustainable numbers and rates that revolve around (the danger that envolves our planet). Today, in our blog, we are going to talk about meat and, more importantly, its substitute products. Why choose them, what are their benefits for health, and naturally, also for our planet. Let’s discover veggie meat and its benefits!

Numerous analyses show that the easiest way to reduce our environmental impact is to substitute meat with other more ecofriendly products. But, how? The answer is quite easy, changing our diet. From Organic Boosting we want to approach you to a variety of products that will help you to achieve this task. Nutritive products, with ecological consciousness, and without doubt, with a similar texture and flavour as common meat. Let’s start!

At first, let’s talk about the word we all know: “hamburger”. Certainly, this term has got a lot of connotations, but these are changing by leaps and bounds. Its meaning is drifting apart from what we all know as “fast food”, and it is not surprising that, with just adding “BIO”, the consumer changes his or her perception a lot. This metamorphosis in perception is really positive because as we all know, having a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle may have huge benefits in our health. In addition, did you know that the farming and meat industry generates as many greenhouse gases as all cars, trains, boats and aeroplanes together? Incredible but true.

So, do I have to stop eating hamburgers for this reason? Nothing could be further from the truth. Organic companies, with their R&D department, study the necessities and consumer preferences to offer each time more attractive and tasteful products. Have you already taste them?

Some ingredients normally used in their receipts are:

· Tofu and seitan:
Both foods derive from soya and wheat respectively. Very useful to provide the proteins that our organism needs. Tofu contains essential amino acids and is very helpful to reduce cholesterol in our blood, among many other benefits. Seitan is called the “the vegetal meat” because its aspect once cooked is quite similar to common meat. This product will provide us around 24g of protein and 121 kcal each 100g, roughly contains fibre, fat or sugars, that’s why it is considered a very light and digestive food.

· Whole grains:
Rice, wheat, quinoa, millet, oat, etc. These are foods high in good quality carbohydrates that help us to maintain energy during the day.

· Fresh vegetables:
Essential for health. They help us against illnesses thanks to their vitamin, mineral and fibre contribution. They’re normally the main pillar of each healthy diet if you want to lose weight. And they are, without any doubt, the most characteristic part of the Mediterranean diet.

· Algae / Seaweed:
Essential in almost any Asian diet. They are hypocaloric and very low in fat, this food helps to control arterial tension or inflammation. Rich in C, D, E and B vitamins, mineral salts, oligo-elements and fibre.

· Seeds and nuts:
Rich in fatty acids Omega 3, healthy fats, polyphenols and mineral vitamins. They are a very good energy source.

· Extra virgin olive oil:
Historically and culturally it’s a product ligated to the Mediterranean area. Nowadays, just 3% of global production is done outside this area. Placing Spain as the main producer with almost half of the global production of olive oil, followed by Italy and Greece. This golden liquid is high in triglycerides, beneficial for the cardiovascular and digestive system, and owns a delicious flavour.

Now that you already know the ingredients, let’s get closer to the products. You may have heard about Vegetal BioBurgers made of tofu, seitan, vegetables and even with oat and quinoa. All of this with different kind of flavours such as curry, or ingredients like mushrooms or even seaweed.

But not everything revolves around burgers, you might also find organic sausages, made of tofu and seitan, chopped vegetables made with soya, oat, eggs, wheat and almonds. Well-known Spanish companies, responsible with the environment, have developed the Bio Vegetal Chorizo (Spanish spicy sausage), Bio Vegetal Black Pudding and Bio Vegetal Salami. The Organic environment surprises us constantly!

In the last few years, organic consumption has increased notoriously. Moreover, it has been estimated that the Organic market could move 12.000 million euro annually in just 5 years time. It has got many advantages and organic products are a healthy supplement for special diets, children, adults, elder people, sportive people, etc. and in addition, it’s responsible for your environment.

From Organic Boosting we want to approach you to meat substitutes to change your mind and say you that this change to meat substitutes avoiding real meat is not just necessary but also easy to do. ¿Are you going to join us?


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