BLOGOrganic products with Spanish seal for Nature Product Trading EST, Saudi Arabia.

Organic products with Spanish seal for Nature Product Trading EST, Saudi Arabia.

From Organic Boosting we want to share a highly ambitious and stimulating project that we have underway. As you know, we have been doing office-based tasks in purchasing from Spain for the Saudi Arabian chain Nature Product Trading EST, and we have already introduced into the Arab country five Spanish organic producers. San Blas, Añavieja, Salud e Imaginación, Ecovinal and Ecosana are the brands that have made the leap towards the Saudi Arabian market thanks to the quality of their organic products. Organic products with Spanish seal already available on the shelves of Nature Product supermarkets and its associates.

Thanks to the good working relationships generated between Nature Product Trading EST. and Organic Boosting, as well as the synergies created, we have become their purchasing platform in Spain. It is an honour for us to be a pillar for the Saudi Arabian company, who trusts and delegates to Organic Boosting functions that were coordinated before from destination. These functions are currently managed from the origin, like the selection of producers, brands and products as well as the purchasing, coordination, consolidation and export documentation issuance, all under one single brand name, which facilitates and improves paperwork in Customs regarding departure and entrance.

We are proud to announce that we are preparing the shipment of the second container that will be sent soon to KSA. In this new shipment, the container, from the Valencian Port, will leave with both new products and the most successful products of the previous purchase, which confirms that the first selection of Spanish organic products has been very well received by the consumers of the supermarkets of Nature Product Trading EST. Fact that makes us very proud at Organic Boosting.

Spanish organic product, Saudi Arabian private label.

The success of our commercial partnership with Nature Product Trading EST. does not reside solely in the exportation of products of our suppliers San Blas, Añavieja, Salud e Imaginación, Ecovinal and Ecosona. This achievement goes beyond that, as at Organic Boosting we have worked hand-in-hand with the supermarket to create its own private brand label, with the initial start of 22 Skus.

Organic products with Spanish seal that fly to KSA to delight the select consumers of the Saudi Arabian supermarket. Apple vinegar, sugar beet juice, dried figs, pumpkin seeds, crunchy muesli of oats and berries, crunchy muesli with chia, textured soya, red lentils, green soya, corn flakes, flax seeds, mini oat flakes or chocolate cookies are some of the Spanish products that you might find on the shelves of Nature Product Trading EST.

An Organic product range where Organic Boosting has been managing the complete process, from producers selection, brand development, labels design, to product purchase, its consolidation, shipping and export documentation.

Thanks to the confidence shown by Nature Product Trading EST., we have gone one step further and we have consolidated ourselves with success as an Export Platform for Spanish organic products for supermarkets.

How did we build such good communication with Nature Product Trading EST.?

You might ask yourself how we coordinate purchase orders with Nature Product Trading EST. The answer is easy: thanks to our online platform Container Builder who automates and facilitate the complete purchase process, and significantly simplifies the export process that may appear a priori complex and expensive.

This platform created by Organic Boosting helps our clients to build and manage pallet in their containers. An app easy to use, intuitive and very useful. Container Builder allows our clients to mix several products of the same brand as well as several brands in the same container. By doing so, buyers can, at simple sight, easily visualize their orders and optimize the space in the container with the brands and products that we, from Organic Boosting, have selected carefully and with attention.

That’s why from Organic Boosting we want to thank Nature Product Trading Est., the trust placed in our team! Let’s boost Organic together!


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