Efficient logistics means better service and a lower sales price. We represent a competitive advantage for companies that know their true value. We provide a differentiating factor of success.

Organic Boosting Team

Benefits of our app

  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Minimises export errors
  • Organises pallet construction
  • Maximises efficiency of pallets and containers
  • Facilitates the customs process
  • Organises all your information

How does it work?


Our app enables international clients to place wholesale orders from anywhere in the world in an automated way.

  1. Access our app

    See our selection of best-selling products and view new items as we incorporate them into our catalogue.
  2. Consult our catalogue

    Choose between product or brand categories.
  3. Filter your search

    Segment your searches using search terms such as gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, fairtrade, controlled temperature, halal, and non-organic products.
  4. Check information for each product

    Access a product to consult ingredients and other information.
  5. Place a new order and complete your pallets

    Drag products onto your pallet and then add to your container to create your order while the cost is calculated in real time.
  6. Review and finalise your order

    Once your order is finished, just sit back and Organic Boosting will ensure that it reaches the specified destination.

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