Organic Producers Automated Export Platform


Organic Boosting wants to democratise the consumption of organic products & healthy products and turn them into a right, not a luxury. Let's boost the Organic world together!


ORGANIC BOOSTING is the automated export platform for supermarkets worldwide, specialised in organic & healthy producers.


Honesty, respect, abundance, effort, transparency, cooperation.

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All our Producers / Brands / Products have been carefully selected with the help of our supermarket-clients, to guarantee satisfaction.

You can choose from a range of producers and products covering all types of organic & healthy products. These are the categories we offer:

  • #Alcohol
  • #Appetizers
  • #Baby food
  • #Bakery and pastry
  • #Canned
  • #Cereals, flours, flakes, puffed
  • #Charcuterie and cheese
  • #Cocoa, coffee, tea, infusion
  • #Creams, soups and sauces
  • #Desserts
  • #Eggs, diary and vegetable drinks
  • #Food Complements
  • #Frozen
  • #Fruits and vegetables
  • #Household essentials
  • #Juices
  • #Meat, vegan meat
  • #Oils, vinegars, salt, spices
  • #Personal care & hygiene
  • #Pet foods
  • #Ready meals
  • #Rice, pulses, pasta
  • #Soft drinks
  • #Superfoods, seaweed
  • #Sweets, chocolates, sweeteners


Our revolutionary automated export platform, Container Builder App:
  • Saves you money
  • Saves you time
  • Minimises export errors
  • Organises pallet construction
  • Maximises pallet and container efficiency
  • Makes the customs process easier.
  • Organises all your information


Buy directly from producers without going through intermediaries.


All brands are consolidated in the Port of Valencia, Spain.


We have dry, temperature-controlled facilities.


The order is shipped to your port of destination.


All documentation is issued under a single company name.


We design and print the packaging.

Our goal is to contribute

We are doing our bit to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

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We are really satisfied with the work performed by Organic Boosting in search for new clients for our products.
Therefore, we strongly recommend their export service.

Jose Luis Valdés BIODARMA

Organic Boosting has shown us professionalism and good results in their exportation tasks.
We are very happy to work with them.

Luis Domingo Company BONA MEL

The objective of this letter is to highlight the work of Organic Boosting in the search for new buyers for our brand and distribution of our products.
Organic is a responsible and honest company. We are very happy with their excellent services.


I would like to inform you that in the time we have been working with the Organic Boosting company, they have demonstrated integrity, efficiency and professionalism.
As mentioned, I highly recommend their services.

Cristina Massanet ECO NADOLS

I recommend working with Organic Boosting. They have provided us with an excellent export service for our products.
They are an honest and trustworthy company. We value positively their work.

Yolanda Sánchez Muñoz SANBLAS

We are really happy with our collaboration with Organic Boosting. Organic Boosting is our European partner and they act as our Spanish Purchase Office from Port of Valencia, Spain.
The collaboration with Organic Boosting is a very excellent addition to us.
We recommend their services

Waeil Alanazi Nature Product EST
Borja Valero was working during the years 2011 to 2013 in Bioandalus project formed by the companies Biopostres, Avícola del Encinar and Cortijo del Gavilán. During that time he proved to be an autonomous, honest, effective and committed professional. We recommend his services.
Francisco García BIOPOSTRES, C.B.
This year 2018 we have delegated the creation of the Dialva Bio section to the Organic Boosting. Organic is in charge of searching and choosing the products and suppliers, in addition to coordinating the purchases and shipments of merchandise. We are very happy with their services.
Alberto Sanchez GRUPO DIALVA
We have signed an agreement with Organic Boosting to complement us in the international development of DulceSol Organic Brands. Organic works honestly, and efficiently. We are happy with your services
We are really happy with our collaboration with the company Organic Boosting. Organic Boosting is helping us to find the best organic suppliers for Israel market. We recommend their services.
Ido Weisbrot NUTRAZEN





Organic Boosting, SL within the framework of the ICENXEXT programme, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The objective of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.