Services from A to Z

Your company will benefit from its own direct purchasing office, greater competitiveness, a higher turnover, economies of scale and expert advice.


We are your purchasing office, located in the Port of Valencia, Spain. Buy directly from reliable producers without the need for intermediaries.


We have dry, temperature-controlled facilities available for our clients’ orders.


All brands and products are consolidated in our multi-temperature warehouses. Our app maximises container load, achieving more efficient transportation, and reducing both the cost and the carbon footprint of each kg transported.


Your order is sent directly to its destination. Our team works with the best airlines, ground transport companies, and shipping and courier services to transport your ordered products – whether in large or small quantities – in the shortest time possible.

Our system facilitates customs procedures and the clearance of containers at the destination customs offices.

Export documentation

Regardless of the number of brands and products purchased, all documentation is processed under a single name – Organic Boosting – even when export health certificates, veterinary certificates, certificates of origin, or other export documents, are required.

Design, translation and adaptation of packaging

We handle package design, adapting it to each market, translating texts into the language of the destination country, and printing the packaging, always taking into account the requirements and conditions of each client and country.


Save time and money

Organic Boosting makes the purchases, stores the products at the required temperature, consolidates the pallets, prepares the export documentation, and ships each order to its destination.

Our All-In-One philosophy means that we’ll handle all your exporting needs. You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that everything’s under control. As your partner, we’ll take care of every detail that could create chaos or losses for your business, leading you along the path to excellence.

We create innovative technology to optimise and facilitate complex export processes.

How does it work?

Our app is a digital export platform that enables customers around the world to place their orders, choosing from a wide variety of brands and products in all categories, without the need for intermediaries, thus reducing purchase costs.



We have a large, constantly expanding portfolio of producers and products, all environmentally friendly and healthy for consumers. Our catalogue has more than 2500 products and 150 brands of guaranteed quality.


Create your private label

We make it possible for you to develop your own brand by facilitating access to the following services:

  • Design and revision of new labels
  • Product selection
  • Translation
  • Packaging

And a complete catalogue of mono-ingredients in bulk, and multi-ingredient finished products.

Design your own brand

If you decide to create a portfolio of products under your own brand, you will benefit from having immediate access to a wide selection of quality products and suppliers. This will ensure that you don’t waste time and money searching for the best, most reliable products and suppliers.

The main objective

Having your own brand is a key success factor of your business. It will boost your reputation, increase your sales, and save you time and money. It will also provide insurance for your business.

Of course, the main reason for having a private label is to bind customers more closely to products offered by an establishment and/or distributor. Greater product loyalty equals more visits and purchases. For this reason, a private label is useful as a marketing strategy for offering products of proven quality at a reduced price, ensuring a commitment to excellence and exceptional value for money.


Organic is a right, not a luxury.

Organic Boosting is a digital platform specialised in healthy, organic products.