Organic Producers Automated Export Platform


Organic Boosting wants to democratize the consumption of organic & healthy products and make them a right, not a luxury.

We help our client-supermarkets make the change from importing conventionally-produced goods to importing organically-produced goods.

To achieve this, we select our products meticulously – with the help of our client-supermarkets – to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Our team is continually researching changes in the sector and studying the evolving needs of consumers worldwide in order to offer the products that are best adapted to supermarkets.

Our catalog covers all the organic & healthy products that a supermarket could need, containing almost 120 producers, 25 categories, and over 1,800 products – all of which meet the required standards and certifications for organic products. Our catalog is continually expanding.


Our catalog is divided into 5 sections




Food Complements


Pet Food


Home Cleaning


Personal Care and Hygiene

We provide the following categories:

We offer everything that environmentally-friendly supermarkets could require on their shelves.
  1. Alcohol
  2. Appetizers
  3. Baby food
  4. Bakery and pastry goods
  5. Canned goods
  6. Cereals, flours, flakes, puffed
  7. Charcuterie
  8. Cocoa, coffee, tea, infusion
  9. Creams, soups and sauces
  10. Desserts
  11. Eggs, dairy and vegetable drinks
  12. Food complements
  13. Frozen goods
  14. Fruits and vegetables
  15. Household essentials
  16. Juices
  17. Meat, vegan meat
  18. Oils, vinegars, salt, spices
  19. Personal care and hygiene
  20. Pet foods
  21. Ready meals
  22. Rice, pulses, pasta
  23. Soft drinks
  24. Superfoods, seaweed
  25. Sweets, chocolates, sweeteners

If you’re a supermarket, request access to our catalog.

We support the development of organic agricultural production

Organic Boosting is on the side of small and medium-sized organic producers, mainly in the primary and secondary sectors.

We support the development of organic agricultural production and the organic industry in all areas of production. Acting as the Export Department of almost 120 producers, we promote their products all over the world.

We promote the export of organic products

Our export platform enables supermarkets to buy directly from producers, bypassing intermediaries and saving time and money.

Once the order has been confirmed, Organic Boosting buys, stores, consolidates and dispatches the products, as well as preparing all the export documentation

How to become one of our producers

If your product has all the required organic certifications, but you’re struggling to launch your company on the international market, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you accomplish your goals. At no cost to you, our team will provide you with personalized attention, studying your case and assessing whether your products are a good fit for our organic export platform.

Let’s make this world organic together!