BLOGEverything you do not know about organic meat and its benefits

Everything you do not know about organic meat and its benefits

As the years go by, are you more worried about your diet, aren’t you? Are you more caring about the manufacturing processes and the industry ecological commitment? Then, it’s the perfect time to know more about the advantages of eating organic meat.

Many people believes that organic meat comes from animals enjoying a free life, but the reality it’s different. Organic does not mean a green field! The companies that develop this activity, have to meet many requirements.

At first place, the European regulation contemplates specific measures for organic livestock with regard to habitability on farms with the aim of avoiding animal stress and promoting growth in semi-freedom. This type of livestock allows animals to grow at their natural pace and in adequate living conditions. The animals are not manipulated intensively to achieve greater production. The feeding of these animals is based on natural pastures, milk preferably from their own mother, and organic feed and fodder, free of pesticides, fertilizers and transgenic. In addition, if the animal becomes ill, homeopathic treatments are used excluding hormones or drugs that may harm their health. But the requirements do not stop here, the slaughterhouse and the butchery also have to overcome sanitary controls.


And now that you know a little more about the requirements, we want to tell you the advantages:

If you buy organic meat, you are supporting local production, small businesses and rural areas that are committed with respectful environment methods.

Speaking of their practices, animals eat grass or cereals produced through organic farming that are usually produced and fertilized on the farm, helping to regenerate the soil and creating an optimal ecological cycle.

In addition, we already know that industrial farms accelerate the growth of animal muscle tissue through hormones and use antibiotics to protect against possible infections caused by the poor state of the environment, thus it is easy to realize that organic farms represent  a great improvement in this area. The Ecological Livestock naturally develops its immune system thanks to its good living and feeding conditions.


All this affects the final product: healthy and happy animals, healthy and tasty foods.

Thanks to the fact that they enjoy a long and pleasant life, using large spaces to graze freely, the resulting raw material is rich in vitamin E and 82, which provides antioxidant properties to our body. In addition, its superior linoleic acid helps us to lower blood pressure, control cholesterol and improve our defenses. And best of all, the taste of organic meat is better, you will notice its different color and texture.

You may still have doubts, since organic meat is a little more expensive than industrial meat, but as you have seen, there are many benefits obtained. Likewise, supporting organic meat implies to support a product that thinks about energy saving, respects animals, allows them to enjoy a healthy and dignified life, takes care of your health and contributes to small businesses that are environmentally aware. So … It’s worth it?


Organic is a right, not a luxury.

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