BLOGWhy do we consume organic products?

Why do we consume organic products?

There are several reasons that lead consumers to choose organic products despite the fact that their price is higher than conventional ones.

We could summarize the “whys” in two categories:

1. For what they are: healthy, sustainable and respectful of the environment, respectful of animal welfare, quality and tasty.

2. And for what they lack: do not contain additives, do not contain pesticides, do not contain GMOs, do not contain antibiotics.

Because they are healthy

These are products that according to their form of production are toxic-free, it means, they do not contain pesticides, additives, synthetic fertilizers, preservatives and other products that, although used to combat pests or diseases of the product itself, are harmful to the human body. The organism assimilates organic foods better.

They are sustainable and respectful with the environment

The ecological agricultural practices collaborate in the conservation of the environment and avoid the contamination of the earth, the water, and the air. They respect the balance of nature, contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem and sustainable rural development.



Organic farming fertilizes the land and slows desertification; favors water retention and does not pollute aquifers; promotes biodiversity; maintains the habitats of wild animals, allowing and favoring the lives of numerous species; respects the natural cycles of crops, avoiding the degradation and contamination of ecosystems; it favors biodiversity and the balance of soils through different practices: rotations, associations, green fertilizers, hedges, extensive livestock, etc .; enhances the natural fertility of the soils and the productive capacity of the agrarian system; recycles the nutrients by incorporating them back into the soil as compost or organic fertilizers, and uses natural resources optimally.

They respect the animal welfare

The European regulation contemplates specific measures for organic livestock with regard to habitability on farms with the aim of avoiding animal stress and promoting growth in semi-freedom.

This type of livestock allows animals to grow at their natural pace and with adequate living conditions. The animals are not manipulated intensively to achieve greater production. The feeding of these animals is based on natural pastures, milk preferably from their own mother, and organic feed and fodder, free of pesticides, fertilizers and transgenic.




Organic products are those that have been produced based on regulations that seek care and protection of the environment and more tasty and nutritious products.

Organic food is subject to control from the field to the point of sale through the European Regulation. All the agents that intervene in the agri-food chain are subject to the control and inspection of the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, the packaging, the labeling, etc. through the Organic Certification bodies.

Organic food is savory

Organic food preserves the true taste of each ingredient and allows them to recover their traditional flavor. The flavor between some products and others is very different, being the ecological ones much tastier than the conventional ones.

Organic food does not contain synthetic additives or pesticides

Organic foods do not contain synthetic additives and are cultivated respecting natural rhythms.

In addition, organic farming does not use the chemical pesticides commonly used in conventional agriculture.

It does not contain genetically modified organisms

In organic farming, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not authorized, since they can damage the environment and in the long run can cause the loss of the variety of species and types.

Organic farming wants to conserve and boost the genetic variety of species and types and with it the richness of the cultivated landscapes.

Organic livestock does not contain antibiotics

The control standards of the European regulation prohibit the use of antibiotics in organic livestock. In this the animals are taken care of preventively, avoiding the administration of antibiotics, tranquilizers or hormones.


Organic is a right, not a luxury.

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