BLOGOrganic and clean food, the best medicine

Organic and clean food, the best medicine

Whether it is a meat-based diet or a plant-based diet, clean food is the optimum choice to avoid industrial diseases. Organic food keeps you healthy.

Oftentimes we heard a controversy about which diet is the best for us, some people believe in meat-only intake while others say veganism is their religion. The Eskimos and the Hunzakuts are rationally often referred to as a good case study.

Primitive cultures and organic farming

In primitive times when traditional farming, now considered to be organic farming, was the only and original type of agriculture where cultivation of the land, soil preparation and fertility, crops and livestock husbandry were completely manual and organically practiced in a sustainable way. Organic wastes, plant extracts and other biological materials were used to nurture plants and soil health as well as control pests.

The Hunza people, due to the difficult terrain and scarcity of resources, had no choice but to rely their diets mostly on vegetables, fruits and grains, organically grown by themselves. Hunza food was completely natural, clean and free of chemical additives and was consumed in its original form – uncooked and unprocessed. The Hunza diet and lifestyle are believed to be the health secrets of their longevity, ailment and cancer-free life.

The Eskimo paradox, on the other hand, explains why the Eskimos, despite their meat-based diet influenced by the habitat geology, also have little to no diseases of the modern society, especially heart disease and cancer, although their average lifespan seems to be shorter than the Hunzakuts. The diet of Eskimos was mainly composed of hunted meat obtained from both land and sea animals. Those animals include the caribou, hares, birds, seals, whales, and fish; very few plant foods consumed raw, frozen, or dried.


The meat was clean, fresh and full of nutrients which derived from what animals ate in their wildlife surroundings. The unpolluted, and chemical-free environment of the frozen North had provided a naturally clean food for these animals which finally became an organically predigested vegetation and food for the Eskimos.

Modern diet needs organics

In modern days, people are suffering from illnesses and health problems due to the environmental degradation and contaminated food supply. The Hunzakuts and the Eskimos’ diet and lifestyle have proven to us that it does not matter an herbivorous diet or a carnivorous diet but the natural cleanliness and organic productivity of the food are a very good start to a long, healthy and disease-free life.


Organic is a right, not a luxury.

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