BLOGTop 5: green living influencers

Top 5: green living influencers

Social Media is a fabulous disclosure channel for many professionals involved in organic. From healthy eating gurus to great eco-friendly world influencers who transfer that  ‘green philosophy‘ to their lifestyle, their home and even their clothing or decoration.

A theme that is gaining importance among many people who have found balance between 21st century way of living, its vortex in social networks and  information society, and a slow lifestyle in which the organic food, recycling, care of planet and the second life of material things have become their way of life. Organic Boosting have surfed the net and we have made a TOP 5 of national and international Green Living Influencers that are hitting hard. Take note.

Kate Arnell, Eco Boost

Day presenter and sustainability enthusiast always! Kate, who has more than 17k followers spread around the world, gives tips on their social networks to move to a greener life-style offering alternatives to those who have the difficulty of being 100% zero waste.

In addition, this young woman has become an excellent ambassador for products, clothing brands and eco friendly products. On Youtube channel and his blog ECO BOOST shares his love for the organic world, his lifestyle and his favorite ecological discoveries.


Carlos Ríos, Realfooding

Among the most outstanding Spanish green influencers we find a young Andalusian nutritionist who at 26 years old has become a worldwide guru for healthy eating, with more than 425,000 followers. Pioneer of the Real Fooding Movement, Ríos teaches its users “to eat as our grandmothers did” and to flee from the ultra-processed products.

He has undertaken his own crusade against deceptive advertising towards those considered “healthy products” that many supermarket chains sell on their shelves. The Real Fooders have managed to spread this traditional food message to reach more and more people.


Alba Sueiro, Una vida simple

Alba Sueiro was born in a small town in Cantabria but destiny took her to Holland. During her stay, she participated in sustainability events, and she discovered that “there is another way of doing things”. Thus, she created her personal blog where she shares with her followers many tips about responsible consumption to reduce plastic waste.

More and more people are aware of the importance of eliminating the indiscriminate use of plastics, and other harmful products on their daily basis and seek on Alba’s page to find tips to replace these highly polluting materials, return to “the essential” and be more respectful with the planet. Basic actions as thinking before buying something, do I really need it? We super recommended her blog and tips to practice sustainability.


Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Home

With more than 188k followers, Bea Johnson has become “The Priestess of Life without Residues” according to The New York Times. Author of Amazon’s best-selling book, Zero Waste Home, which she won in 2018, the prestigious international award: The Green Awards. Johnson’s vocation is to destroy all misconceptions associated with the “zero waste” lifestyle.

With her publications she has shown that life without waste can not only be elegant but also entails important benefits for health and for the saving, of time and money, in the domestic economy.


Aitor SánchezMi Dieta Cojea


More than 145,000 followers. Aitor has become one of the most popular faces of healthy eating thanks to appearances on television and other media, where he makes such strong statements as “sugar-free cookies are still food junk.” Clear and concise.

This dietitian – nutritionist travels around the world and discovers, through his social networks, the typical local meals discovered. In addition to his appearances in RTVE programs (Spanish National Television & Radio) he also participates in many conferences and presentations where he is the voice of healthy eating.



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