BLOGHealthy snacks, ecological productions and benefits for your health

Healthy snacks, ecological productions and benefits for your health

Sometimes is really difficult to avoid eating between meals, right!  despite listening in many occasions that it is not really recommended. However, with the appearance of healthy snacks, it has become a pleasure that does not have to adversely affect the health of our body.

If you are someone who enjoys eating at home, however often going to restaurants, do not worry! You just have to pay a little attention to what you eat and select menus  that contain healthy ingredients with little fat content.

Most nutritionists and dieticians recommend 5 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the most important meals. Anyway, to eat something between main meals help us to arrive at the indicated hours with less hunger, being the perfect time for eating fruits and other healthy snacks rich in vitamins.

The concept of “snack” is associated with sin or something harmful, because of the poor quality of products manufactured during great industrialization of the food sector. That turns the term “healthy snack” in a very contradictory concept for the consumer. But is it really harmful to take snacks? In fact, it depends on its preparation and its ingredients. The snacks can be healthy, and even bring us great benefits.

It is very common, in the industrial snacks processes, the use of chemical substances called “food additives”, which are used to extend the life of the product and improve its appearance and taste. Of course, these substances are harmful, and can generate health imbalances.

But, how can we recognize a healthy snack? It must be made using natural or dehydrated fruits, vegetables, nuts, natural yogurt, legumes and / or cereals. In addition, these snacks must provide vitamins as well as antioxidants and should not contain food additives. Furthermore, it must not contain saturated fats, which reduces the caloric value of the product and helps to control cholesterol and triglycerides, not risking the possibility of falling into diseases such as diabetes.

If you like cooking, you can prepare your own snacks. Nevertheless, if you are one of those who are really busy and do not have enough time a day, we would like to recommend the products of Añavieja.

This farmer family has developed a wide range of snacks perfects to enjoy eating between meals. They have been able to evolve and since 1997 they offer handcrafted snacks products. Today, they are a solid and highly recognized company, which improves every day their organic and quality snacks offer. Añavieja defends organic farming, as the basis of its development. They are Organic certified by the regulatory body of the area, CAECYL (Castilla y León Organic Agriculture Council). You can read more about the Standards and Organic Certifications here.


These below are some of their products:

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We hope that our advices are useful for you and that you begin to be aware that giving yourself a capriche between main meals does not have to be negative for your health. If you consume healthy snacks, you are taking care of yourself and supporting organic production, which respects the environment and develops products that do not harm your body and provide you with vitamins you need.


Organic is a right, not a luxury.

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