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Organic food for animals

Day by day increasingly more people are beginning to improve their diet by opting for organic products. Not only are they interested in taking care of their health but also that of their pets. Because pets do give us so much love and company! There are many who, tired of feeding their cats and dogs with highly processed and low nutrition feed, that also damages the environment during its preparation process, have an interest in learning about organic food for cats and dogs, about the existing types of animal diets or how to select the most appropriate one, among many other doubts related to organic animal feed and its advantages. Please read further it you want to know more about this, as animals deserve to eat good quality feed just like people do, and we are not the only ones who feel this way!


What is the difference between organic and industrial animal feeds?

As you know, all products manufactured under organic farming and livestock are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

As for organic farming, it prevents the use of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers, in addition to respecting natural harvest cycles and many other aspects that you can learn about in our article “What is organic farming?”.

On the other hand, in organic farming, production takes place without the use of growth hormones, colourants, preservatives and additives, guaranteeing a dignified life for the animals through good nutrition and access to the open air. Find out everything you need to know about organic meat and its benefits here.

Organic products for animals work in the same way as those produced for human consumption when referred to their production, packaging and waste management.


Evolution of organic animal feeds

Organic consumption is booming and the profile of organic consumers is evolving according to the population’s needs. There is no doubt that society is becoming increasingly committed to the environment and the animals that live on our planet, and even more so if those animals share their life with us, even our home, they are part of the family! That is why the market for pet products is constantly growing, with an ever-growing offer for our furry friends: clothing, accessories, and of course, pet food and food supplements!


Which is the best food for cats and dogs?

We are what we eat, and so are our pets. Therefore, in order to know which are the best organic products for animals we must know their nutritional needs according to their stage of life. To do this, we first need to identify the pet’s stage of life, which can be: newborn, infant, puppy, sterilised, adult, geriatric or sick.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the information on the label of feed and wet food cans, which provide details of the product’s composition, including its ingredients and nutritional contribution. As for organic products for animals, the green label that guarantees compliance with the Standards and Certifications for Organic Products should be visible.

Another aspect to consider is the main ingredient named on the package, the first one on the label is usually the one that will be found in larger amounts. On the other hand, it is important to recognise by-products made from animal parts that are unfit for human consumption, which may include hooves or beaks and are often generically named “poultry” rather than “chicken”. Thus, the best animal products will be those made from fresh meat, which specify the species of origin.

We should also take into account carbohydrates and fats. If they contain fats, better if unsaturated.


Types of organic animal feeds:

There are many choices of animal products on the market such as: feeds, wet and dry food.

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Organic is a right, not a luxury.

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