BLOGEverything You Need to Know About Minerals, Nutritional Supplements and Sports Supplements

Everything You Need to Know About Minerals, Nutritional Supplements and Sports Supplements

Why are some nutritional supplements more expensive than others? What are the most successful nutritional supplements on the market? And how do natural, organic, and vegan products differ? In this post we’ll answer all these questions, while informing you about the product categories most in demand by consumers who opt for products made with natural and/or organic ingredients: minerals, nutritional supplements (NS), and sports supplements. In addition, we’ll look at some of the main benefits of using these products, and we’ll tell you which food supplements (FS) you can find in our Automated Export Platform for Organic Products. Finally, we’ll outline some of the advantages you’ll enjoy if you decide to work with our specialized team.

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Differences between natural, organic, and vegan food supplements

Many consumers wonder why there are such large price disparities between some NS and others. The reason lies in the ingredients and the certifications that specific products may or may not have. There are certain differences, for example, between natural, organic, and vegan FS.

Natural food supplements are made with ingredients that are extracted from nature but not necessarily considered organic.

On the other hand, vegan food supplements are made only with ingredients of non-animal origin.

Organic food supplements must, therefore, be natural, but not necessarily vegan, and they may contain some animal products. However, they must comply with the requirements established by organic certifications. Most of these distinguish between the following categories:

  • Category 1: contain over 90% or 95% organic ingredients.
  • Category 2: contain between 10% and 90% organic ingredients.
  • Category 3: contain between 0% and 10% organic ingredients.

Profile and data of food supplement consumers

As always, here at Organic Boosting we like to keep ourselves informed about everything that could be of interest to eco-friendly supermarkets. In our continual striving to understand the needs of our most committed customers, our team is constantly analyzing the data obtained from studies by recognized companies in the sector. In this way we can provide valuable, up-to-date information on consumer profiles, trends, new ecological products that are successful in the market, and much more.

A study of food supplements purchased by people who practice sport in gyms carried out by Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición, official magazine of the Latin American Nutrition Society (SLAN), collected information about the consumption of nutritional and dietary supplements in 415 users (260 men and 155 women) from four gyms in Seville (Spain), “Of the total sample, 56.14% have consumed a supplement of some kind. Of these, 57.6% did so to improve their physical appearance; 16.7% did so to take care of their health; and 13.2% to improve their sports performance. The article found that the percentage of nutritional supplements consumed was 56%, within the values found by other studies.”

When it comes to differences between the sexes, there is some disagreement between studies. The above article states that “men opted more for protein (42.7%), creatine (26.9%) and sports drinks (22.7%); while women tended to use more diuretics (29.7%), vitamin complexes (18.7%) and chitosan (14.2%). Other studies agree, confirming that men prefer protein supplements, such as amino acids or creatine (17,37,39), while women consume more vitamins and minerals.”

However, when it comes to which sex consumes most nutritional supplements in sport, the studies diverge. Some indicate higher consumption among women, while others find that men consume more. There are also studies that suggest the numbers are evenly matched. In the present study, the consumption of nutritional supplements is higher among men than it is among women: 62% for men, 49% for women.

Which categories of food supplements can you find in Organic Boosting?

The main product categories for supplements on the market are minerals, nutritional supplements, and sports supplements. All these can be found in our export platform for organic products.

The minerals category includes products with calcium, gingko biloba, collagen with hyaluronic, msn, magnesium, milk thistle, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and B1 complexes.

Nutritional supplements include aloe, artichoke, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), brewer’s yeast, horse chestnut, cod liver oil, coenzyme Q10, creatine, evening primrose, omega-3 and omega-6, ginger, herbs with plantain, horsetail, liquid glycerin, maca, nutritional yeast, probiotic activated charcoal 90, reishi, turmeric and pepper, valerian, wheat bran, psyllium, and chia seed powder.

The following supplements for athletes are also available: pea, hemp, and carob protein powders, 100% high-performance strawberry powder, 100% chocolate with high-performance whey powder, and 100% yogurt with high-performance banana powder.

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