BLOGThe ever-growing range of vegan products

The ever-growing range of vegan products

The number of vegans and vegetarians in the world is growing by leaps and bounds, so the range of non-animal products is expanding to cater to booming demand. Organic products are gaining greater acceptance around the world, and supermarkets are dedicating more shelf space to these types of products. In this post we’ll explore some of the different categories of vegan products, a topic of interest to both consumers and supermarkets. All of these categories can be found in our Automated Export Platform for Organic Products. Curious to find out more? Let’s get started!

Categories of vegan products

Meat substitutes

Vegans and vegetarians know that giving up meat no longer means missing out on the taste of a delicious hamburger, sausage, chorizo, or even black pudding! All these products now have vegetable-origin versions. Ingredients such as seitan, textured soy and tofu are becoming more widespread and combine wonderfully with vegetables, oat flakes, seeds, legumes, spices, and more, to create products with none of the meat but all of the taste of their animal-origin equivalents.

Milk substitutes

There is already a wide range of options on the market: oat milk with extra calcium; coconut milk; rice milk with cocoa; spelt milk; tiger nut milk; soy milk; almond milk; tiger nut milk with agave syrup; and much more. There are also lots of gluten-free vegan milk substitutes which are in high demand by consumers with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

Ready Meals

Ready meals for vegans include vegan meatballs in tomato sauce and/or legumes; vegetables in curry sauce; stewed chickpeas with kombu seaweed; stewed green beans with seitan; Japanese adzuki beans; vegetable mince; packaged legumes of all kinds; cardoons; artichokes; borage; beet; gazpacho; curried seitan; quinoa with kale and spinach or with vegetables and turmeric in curry sauce; salmorejo; carrot and turmeric soup; vegetable soup with shiitake and mushrooms; zucchini soup; pumpkin soup with chia seeds, artichoke or mushroom croquettes; broccoli empanadas; and an endless range of vegan sauces, like Bolognese, shiitake tomato and vegetable; or seitan with vegetable stew. Just typing out this list is making our mouths water!

Vegan pâtés

There are a wide variety of vegan pâtés on the market, but the bestsellers include vegan pâté with Mediterranean herbs (also known as fine herbs); vegan pâté with truffle mushrooms; vegan pâté with sobrasada; vegan pâté with shiitake and agar agar; Tex-Mex vegan pâté with chia; tomato and azuki vegan pâté; vegan pâté with almonds and fine herbs; vegan eggplant pâté with black tahini and cumin; vegan eggplant and oregano; carrot, nuts and basil vegan pâté; curried artichoke vegan pâté; peppered mushroom vegan pâté; vegan pâté with sobrasada and dates; vegan pâté with toasted tahini and black garlic pâté.

Vegan cheese

Many vegetarians are reluctant to become vegans because they don’t want to give up the delicious taste of a fine cheese, but those times will soon be behind us: supermarkets are now offering delectable vegan cheeses – made from raw cashews and other ingredients of vegetable origin – with varieties to tempt every palate. Some of the most sought-after vegan cheeses are truffle vegan cheese, smoked vegan cheese, and vegan cheese with olive oil and garlic, although simpler recipes are also in great demand.

Vegan ice cream

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty ice cream? Vegans who eat gluten and those who don’t are united in not wanting to miss out on the refreshing taste experience of a flavorful ice cream. There is a wide range of vegan ice creams on the market today, including flavors such as almond and cinnamon, chocolate, cookies and cream, hazelnut, mango and passionfruit, and strawberry.

Vegan chocolate

That moment when a piece of chocolate melts in your mouth is a sensation we all enjoy. Fortunately, these days vegans can also enjoy a wide range of chocolate products. These include: 100%-cocoa dark chocolate; 56%-cocoa dark chocolate with ginger; 56%-cocoa dark chocolate with orange or cinnamon; 73%-cocoa dark chocolate with agave, almonds, chili or olive oil; and white chocolate with yoghurt and strawberry.

That’s the end of our blog about categories of vegan products. Remember that you can find them all in Organic Boosting. And, of course, our products are all organic and environmentally friendly, qualities that we know vegans and vegetarians value highly. See you in the next blog post!


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