Nowadays, we are constantly exposed to many different advises about healthy lifestyle in social media: daily trainings and good eating habits, for instance. This last one gives rise to issues such as which are the benefits of organic milk and why is it better than the conventional one. Most of the people usually wonder: what […]

Organic Boosting supports Zero Waste Spain proposal to reject products packed with excess plastic. This Facebook group challenges consumers, not to contribute to the massive consumption that causes so much damage to the environment, during the week of June 3 to 9. In collaboration with Greenpeace and on the occasion of World Environment Day (June […]

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon: “I am more afraid of two kids in a garage than the competition I know” and he was not wrong. Bright projects have come out of Garage Program and we are very grateful and proud to be part of it. Garage Program, the business incubator by Lanzadera, supports entrepreneurs to […]


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