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Plastic issue

Organic Boosting supports Zero Waste Spain proposal to reject products packed with excess plastic. This Facebook group challenges consumers, not to contribute to the massive consumption that causes so much damage to the environment, during the week of June 3 to 9.

In collaboration with Greenpeace and on the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), this campaign aims to reach all audiences through social networks, becoming an eco-responsible viral phenomenon.

Did you know that marine environment is the most affected by this brutal contamination? The sea receives the highest percentage of plastic waste. According to reports, the oceans receive more than 200 kilos of plastic per second. And the numbers keep growing dangerously!

Likewise, already between 2010 and 2013, 5 islands formed by this material were detected (2 in the Pacific, 2 in the Atlantic and 1 in the Indian Ocean). And this is just one of the consequences caused by this terrible contamination. Ecosystems and species are seriously threatened. Therefore, we have to do our part to stop this catastrophe. It’s time to act and become aware of our own consumption habits.

Knowing how the world works it seems impossible to stop consuming plastic but, certainly, it is not. From Organic Boosting we propose some measures that will help you on your day by day:

  • Avoid buying excessively packaged products.
  • Replace plastic tuppers with glass or stainless steel containers.
  • In many places plastic bags are already prohibited, but if they offer them to you in any establishment, do not accept them. Take your own cloth bag or use baskets or carts.
  • Disposable products generate a lot of non-degradable waste, you do not need them!
  • Reuse your returnable bottles instead of buying plastic products every time you want to drink or store liquids.
  • Run away from plastic or aluminum film. There are cotton and hemp fabric wrappers, covered with beeswax that are very versatile. In addition, you can use them both to store and transport food.
  • Recycling is a good thing but it is not enough, try to make the bag that you take to the yellow container become smaller and smaller.
  • Bet on the bulk purchase. Take your own bags or containers from home.
  • If in any case you need to use straws, bet on those that are made with paper.

In addition, and to end this excessive plastic consumption, many manufacturers aware of the environment have launched products that make their way in the market to give more options to people who do want to save the planet.

These are just some proposals that can ease reducing our plastic consumption:

Metal lunch box

Comestible straws

Paper straws

Reusable sandwich holder

paper rings for cans

Bamboo ear swabs

Stainless steel baby bottle

fabric bag

Wooden toothbrush

Bamboo cutlery

Comestible cutlery

Organic Boosting supports and joins this much-needed action. There is no doubt that small changes bring great consequences. Hopefully this initiative will motivate humanity not only during this week, but also leave a mark on the conscience of all, so plastic consumption is eradicated and we can protect our planet and all the creatures that share seas and land with us.

This article from the Xataca explains 9 graphics to understand all the plastic we are pouring into the ocean and a solution to clean it.  And if you also want to know what certain groups are doing to denounce the necessary improvement in the recycling system in Spain, do not miss what El Salto says in “Plastics adrift: questions about Spanish recycling model.


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