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Trends and interests of dietary supplement consumers

In the dietary supplements industry, staying on top of the latest trends and developments is crucial to getting ahead of the competition. Dietary supplements distributors need to keep up to date with all the new ingredients, formulations and technologies being used in the production of nutritional supplements. In this article we’ll discuss some of the biggest trends in the dietary supplement industry.


Trends in sales of dietary supplements


The latest study by ADM, a global company dedicated to nutrition, contains valuable information for all companies involved in the distribution or sale of dietary supplements. Here are some of the report’s most vital findings.

  • Total global dietary supplement market revenue reached $76 billion in 2021, and 67% of supplement consumers say they will continue to use them for the next 12 months.
  • The top health concerns that consumers seek to address with supplements are: immunity (66%), energy (57%), cognitive and mental health (54%), heart health (50%) and digestive health (49%).
  • One in four people across the world take a supplement to benefit their health daily, or almost every day.
  • 39% of global consumers state that easy to consume supplements are important. 43% of consumers have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules, and one in four would prefer other formats. 66% state that they do use capsules and tablets, while 27% claim to use jellies and gummies.
  • 54% of global nutritional supplement users say they prefer supplements that provide multiple benefits in one product. 
  • 43% of users state that plant-based ingredients are important to their purchasing decisions, while 59% want to see scientific evidence supporting supplement efficacy.
  • 58% of consumers say it’s important for nutritional supplements to taste good, while 41% of current supplement users research new flavours for different types of supplements.


Interests and tastes of food supplement consumers

What are the best-selling nutritional supplements on the market? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by everyone working in this industry. So let us share some of our insights into what consumers are looking for.


Plant-based ingredients

Increasingly, consumers are seeking dietary supplements that contain natural, plant-based ingredients. This trend is partly due to an increased interest in health and wellness, as well as to greater environmental awareness. Dietary supplement distributors need to know the kinds of plant-based ingredients that are gaining popularity, such as ashwagandha, ginseng and reishi.

Mental health supplements

Mental health has been a major issue in recent years, and consumers are increasingly looking for food supplements that can improve their mental well-being. Some of the main motivations for consumers are reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and boosting concentration.

Intestinal health supplements

Intestinal health is another topic that has grown in popularity in recent years. Consumers are looking for dietary supplements that can improve their digestion and reduce intestinal inflammation. If you sell dietary supplements, we recommend you research products that can improve gut health, such as prebiotic fibre and probiotics.

Sustainable ingredients

More and more consumers are concerned about the sustainability and environmental impact of the products they buy. Dietary supplement distributors should keep up to date with sustainable ingredients which are growing in popularity.

Formulation technology

Formulation technology is advancing rapidly in the dietary supplement industry. It is important to know which new technologies are being used to improve the bioavailability and stability of ingredients, and the scope for creating new formulations that are more effective and more attractive to consumers.


“To gain consumer attention and earn trust, supplements must be able to deliver on safety and effectiveness,” states ADM, highlighting the fact that consumers want to be able to read and understand safety claims, as well as the research behind supplements they might purchase.


Categories of food supplements in our app:

In our app you can find a wide variety of food supplements, covering all the needs and trends of the market. This wide selection of products has been curated with the help of experts, taking into account all the regulations regarding health and environmental sustainability, so you can offer the very best to your customers.



These benefit the intestinal tract, intestinal flora, or regulate normal intake.



These improve the cardiovascular and circulatory system.



For skin health, topically applied.



These improve the functionality of tissue cells. Ingested.



To relieve pain caused by irregular menstruation or by the genital tract in general. They are also preventative or regulating products for hormones or the urinary/genital system.



For improving muscle tissue and strengthening the bone system.



To help concentration, aid mental relaxation, and improve the nervous system.



These help the regular functioning of the respiratory system and can alleviate spring allergies.



Products such as vitamin C that reinforce the immune system.



To improve health generally, or in a specific way. Can include combinations with a variety of functions.



These provide a nutritional complement to those seeking to lead a healthier life, such as vegans or athletes. They tend to be larger in volume, for daily intake or for use in the kitchen as proteins, flours, powders, shakes, pre-workouts, etc.



Made with caffeine, taurine, maca, or other ingredients that enhance cell “arousal” or promote vasodilator functions. 


In conclusion, it is vital for dietary supplement distributors to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. By learning about emerging trends in ingredients, formulations and technologies, distributors can ensure that they are offering the most innovative and attractive products to their customers.


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