BLOGWhat makes a brand really great?

What makes a brand really great?

International Branding. The answer is easy The Trust.

As Mr Jose María Gasalla says, It’s the key to personal and business success. Trust is all. What do you do and where do we go without? Get the consumers’ trust in a new brand might take years, just like to trust a new acquaintance. 

A producer must create this trustful relation with a bunch of people, wherever is their origin country, through:

–       their WHY/WHAT/HOW

WHY (reasons why they do what they do)/ WHAT (product/services they sell)/ HOW (the way they choose to do what they do)

  • Their range of products,
  • Their people,
  • Their decisions and actions,
  • Their services,
  • Their behaviour,
  • Their values, etc.

– For this purpose, we will use all physical and digital supports to make this communication between Producer and Consumers possible, so they build strong and trustful relationships.

The basic values of this communication must be coherence, authenticity, sincerity, simplicity and clearness.

The show may begin!

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