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We are what we eat. How many times have we heard this? So many! Right?

But in this sentence, it is one great truth. It has already been scientifically proven that what we eat affects our thoughts, our behavior and our overall energy.

When we do sport only a part is physical, the rest is our mental power. The more quality food we eat, the better we work out. Our body is clean, that means, and our mind is clean.

Behind all the diets who exist today, the most important rule it’s: to be organic and clean, everything we consume. Then, we make a diet plan for everyone, depending on the sport they train.

Why organic? Because our body is such a complex system and to function perfectly, it must be balanced. We do not need all the pesticides, hormones and antibiotics used by manufacturers. It destroys our natural bacterial flora, our hormonal system, and the neurotransmitters system.

So, if we want to have great athletes and healthy children we must promote the organic.

Our company Organic Boosting is supporting #AdEnough of junk food marketing. Let’s make organic land of our Planet, for beautiful life.

Biljana Serafimovska


Organic is a right, not a luxury.

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