Organic Producers Automated Export Platform


Our revolutionary Automated and Digital Export Platform:

How we do it?

Supermarkets buy directly from producers without going through intermediaries, lowering purchase costs as much as possible. Using our automated digital platform, supermarkets can choose from a range of brands and products, covering all categories of organic & healthy food, and place orders quickly and conveniently.

Organic Boosting purchases, consolidates, stores goods pallets at all temperatures, prepares export documentation, and ships orders to the port of destination chosen by the supermarket-client.

  •  Saves you money
  •  Saves you time
  •  Minimizes export errors
  •  Organizes pallet construction
  •  Maximizes pallet and container efficiency
  •  Makes the customs process easier
  •  Organizes all your information

Our services



Buy directly from producers without going through intermediaries.



All brands are consolidated in the Port of Valencia, Spain.



We have dry, temperature-controlled facilities.



The order is shipped to your port of destination.


Export Documentation

All documentation is issued under a single company name.


Private Label

We design and print the packaging.


Your purchase office

Organic Boosting acts as your purchasing office in the Port of Valencia, Spain.

If you are a supermarket that wants to obtain organic & healthy products directly from producers without going through intermediaries, Organic Boosting is all you need. Your company will have its own direct purchasing office, greater competitiveness, higher turnover, economies of scale and expert advice.

What does Organic Boosting offer?

Reliable suppliers and high-quality products, direct-from-origin purchases of organic and healthy goods, translations, packaging adaptations, labelling, warehousing, consolidation, shipping, and export documentation.

Organic Boosting connects supermarkets to the finest organic and healthy producers. And it does so effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Wide Catalog

We have a huge portfolio of producers and products. We deal with 25 different categories of organic & healthy products: alcohol; appetizers; baby food; bakery and pastry; canned goods; cereals, flours, flakes and puffs; charcuterie; cocoa, coffee, tea, infusions; creams, soups and sauces; desserts; eggs and dairy; vegetable drinks; food complements; frozen goods; fruits and vegetables; household essentials; juices; meat and vegan meat; oils and vinegars; salts and spices; personal care and hygiene; pet foods; ready meals; rice, pulses and pasta; soft drinks; superfoods and seaweed; sweets, chocolates and sweeteners.

Temperature controlled storage and consolidation

Organic Boosting purchases the goods, stores them in warehouses and coordinates consolidation in our facilities (at whichever temperature is required: room temperature or controlled).

Supply chain optimization and transportation costs

Organic Boosting brings all the purchased goods from producers to our warehouse in Port of Valencia (Spain). This means that different shipments are integrated ­­– reducing logistics costs significantly – before being sent to their destination.

Since we employ best practices, our supply chain process optimizes logistics and lowers transport costs. Our team uses the very best airlines, road haulage companies, shipping lines, and couriers to transport the ordered products – whether in large or small quantities – in the shortest time possible.

An effective logistics process represents a competitive advantage for companies that understand its true value, providing a factor of differentiation for success.

Effective logistics means better service and a lower selling price.

Documentation issued under a single company name

Once your PO (purchase order) is ready to be shipped, Organic Boosting prepares all the necessary export documents under the Organic Boosting name. All documentation – regardless of the number of brands and products purchased – is processed under a single exporting company name, even when sanitary certificates, veterinary certificates, export certificates, certificates of origin, invoices, packing lists, or other export documents are required.

Our system eases customs procedures and container/s release at destination.

Private Label

We design and print the packaging.

If your supermarket decides to design a product portfolio under its own brand, you will benefit from having immediate access to a wide selection of quality products and suppliers. This will ensure you don’t waste time and money searching for the best, most reliable products and suppliers. We have found them already.

Having a great portfolio of organic & healthy products and suppliers is a key factor of success for your business. It will improve your reputation, increase your sales, save you time and money, and provide insurance for your business.

Greater loyalty with your white label products

Of course, the primary purpose of a private label is to create customer loyalty to the products of the establishment and/or distributor. Greater loyalty to the products equals more purchases and visits. The PL is useful as a marketing strategy for offering proven quality products at a reduced price, ensuring a commitment to excellence and an exceptional quality-price ratio.

Organic Boosting supports and assists your company in every aspect of this process.

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